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Heated wiper blades

Crystal Clear heated wiper blades are designed to cope with the rigors of North American winters. The system comes in two parts that are purchased separately:

      • The sensor, which detects the outside temperature when the vehicle is running, and turns on the heating mechanism when needed
      • The blades, which heat up to a temperature of 65°C

Winter driving can be frustrating. The buildup of ice on wiper blades can make the wipers completely ineffective. In some cases, using wipers can actually make visibility worse than it was to begin with by creating streaks across the windshield, right in the driver’s line of vision. The Crystal Clear wiper blade system eliminates this problem by quickly heating up the blades to eliminate the ice. Combined with the compressed rubber and graphite coating, this results in a clean swipe every time. Drivers no longer have to worry about being able to see clearly through their windshields in weather conditions that are already difficult. Instead, they can focus their mental energy on safely navigating those winter driving challenges.

In addition to offering products that help everyone stay safe on the road, or team at Crystal Clear are dedicated to:

      • Superior safety of every person on the road
      • Quality products that exceed expectations
      • Testing and performance checks for every product sold
      • Innovative products that meet new, emerging driver needs

Are you ready from quality products from a reliable, dedicated supplier? If so, then you should shop our wide array of products. We offer heated wiper blades that can work for any vehicle on the road today. Regardless of if you need to increase your safety in your passenger vehicle, commercial vehicle, fleet of vehicles, or big rig truck, we have you covered. Let our team help protect your safety and well-being while on the road.