Making the job of truckers easier

Only truckers truly understand how hard it is to be a trucker. Many hours are spent behind the wheel of a heavy vehicle, covering long distances no matter what the weather is doing. It is an exhausting job that requires extreme concentration at all times. The last thing truckers need is to be distracted by wipers that leave streaky marks in the windshield, right in the driver’s line of vision.

Heat & Clean has developed heated wiper blades that will solve that problem and give truckers one thing less to worry about. Sensors, which are purchased separately when the system is first installed, automatically detect when the wiper heaters need to be turned on. The driver does not have to use any additional buttons or switches other than the regular wiper controls.

Peace of mind for bus drivers and passengers

Every city is reliant on public transportation, even more so during the harsh winter months. In general, buses spend most of their time on city streets. Their wipers have to deal with precipitation coming from above, as well as snow and slush that is sprayed onto their windshields by other vehicles.

Heat & Clean produces the best wiper blades for bus drivers. They come equipped a heating mechanism that prevents the build-up of ice on the blades, ensuring a clean sweep across the windshield every time. Bus drivers can be assured that no matter how bad the weather is, their wipers will operate reliably and effectively, so that they can get their passengers to their destinations safely and without unnecessary delay.

Safely transport industrial equipment at all times of the year

Driving industrial vehicles can be a headache at the best of times. In the winter, the usual challenges are aggravated by traffic delays and bad weather. While we cannot control snow and congested highways, we can equip industrial vehicles with heated wiper blades that allow a clear view through the windshield. That way, the driver can focus on navigating those things that he or she is not able to control, instead of wasting mental energy trying to see through a streaky windshield.

Quick installation for your fleet of vehicles

Whether your fleet consists of passenger buses, school buses, transport trucks or industrial vehicles, drivers will appreciate the addition of Heat & Clean heated wiper blades. We install systems for windshields of all sizes, and there is absolutely no learning curve for drivers. For more information about how to get your vehicles fitted with the best wiper blades available, call us today and talk to a Heat & Clean representative.