Heated windshield wiper blades guarantee safe and accident free driving. Did you know obstructed visibility is one of the major causes of fatal accidents during winter seasons? No, you don’t want to be recorded among the accident victims this winter. This is why you need to install Crystal Clear heated windshield wiper blades. Functional windshield wiper does not only enhance visibility but guarantees optimal performance while driving. The weather can sometimes be unpredictable. The cold winter can be frustrating to both drivers and passengers. Many times, drivers become helpless because the snow buildup has rendered their wipers useless. With this in mind, Crystal Clear heated windshield wiper blades have been designed to serve you anytime any day.

Heated windshield wiper blades make driving through snow or ice fun and easy. Without these modern systems, driving during winter would be unbearable. What’s more, these wiper blades feature technologically advanced sensors that detect changes in temperature and gets heated up to defrost the snow and ice build up on your windscreen. In addition, these wipers heat up to 65 degrees Celsius.

Heated windshield wiper blades have made driving more enjoyable. Have you missed an important appointment due to accumulation of snow or ice on your windshield? That’s because you haven’t install heated windshield wiper blades. Crystal Clear heated windshield wiper blades are designed to provide effective swipe, thus leading to clearer visibility. Furthermore, these functional wiper blades can withstand adverse weather conditions. Enjoy safer driving and keep your passengers protected by installing heated windshield wipers. These blades generate heat up to 65 degrees Celsius to melt snow or ice. Moreover, Crystal Clear is committed to enhancing the safety for both drivers and commuters on the road. For this reason, they supply only the best heated windshield wiper blades of different sizes for vehicles including cars, minivan, SUV, trucks and even tractors. Enjoy optimum safety and improve well being while on the road with Crystal Clear heated wiper blades.