Heated wiper blades guarantee clear visibility while driving during adverse weather conditions like snow and ice. Are you among the many drivers that pull up on the side of the road more often to clean the snow build up on their windshield? Truth is most car owners leave their car at home and commute using public transport especially during winter. This is because they have visibility issues during ice storms or snow fall. Gone are the days when drivers are scared of driving their cars during winter season – all thanks to heated wiper blades. Crystal Clear is the leading supplier of effective, reliable and high performance heated wiper blades.

Heated Wiper Blades

Heated wiper blade keeps your car operating at optimum level all year round. Driving in snow is a lot easier and more enjoyable all thanks to Crystal Clear. Now drivers can enjoy clear visibility smoother ride anytime of the day. Unlike the conventional wipers, heated wiper blades come with a built in heating system to melt ice and snow buildup obstructing visibility.

Heated wiper blades get heated up as soon as the vehicle’s ignition is turned on to prevent frost. Everyone knows the road is never too friendly to drivers during winter, hence the need for a reliable system that guarantees clear visibility. Crystal Clear has been at the fore front of enhancing safety of road commuters all year round by supplying reliable heated wiper blades. Using the latest technology, heated wiper blades from Crystal Clear guarantees a cleaner and effective swipe at all times. Safety is a critical factor to consider while driving. In light of this, clear visibility plays a significant role at ensuring both the driver and passengers arrive at their destination safely. Install Crystal Clear’s heated wiper blades and enjoy a smooth driving experience no matter the weather throughout the year.