Monthly Archives: October 2018

  • Making Winter Driving in Canada Easier

    Tuesday /23 October 2018

    Driving in the winter can be scary, especially for newcomers who don’t have any experience driving in the snow. It’s easy to lose control of a car on icy roads, especially when your ability to see clearly is reduced when the snow piles up on your window. This happens a lot in some Canadian citie..

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  • Defrost Your Windshield With Automatic Heater Wiper Blades

    Saturday /20 October 2018

    If your car window or windshield is frozen, it’s important to use proper defrosting techniques, otherwise you could damage the glass. In fact, obstructed visibility is one of the major causes of fatal accidents in the winter. While there are a few ways you can defrost your frozen car windshield, ..

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