About Us

CRYSTAL CLEAR WIPER BLADES are the world’s only automatic heated wiper blades, designed to endure the rigorous North American Winters . Easy to use with NO SWITCH REQUIRED, the system turns on when it detects the vehicle is running and the outside temperature is 5° C or colder. The high quality blades are constructed to feature compressed rubber blades with graphite coating, providing a non-streaking swipe for safe, CRYSTAL CLEAR VISION – even in the worst driving conditions – every time!

      • AUTOMATIC heated wiper blades detect when the vehicle is running in temperature below 5° C (41° F)
      • No switches required - the blades quickly heat up to 65° C (150° F)
      • HEATED BLADES prevents snow & ice build up on blade surface & windshield
      • BLADE EDGE always stays soft & wipes windshield clean, every time
      • HIGH QUALITY RUBBER with graphite coating adds extended life to blade
      • SUPERIOR CONSTRUCTION eliminate damage caused by freezing weather & ice build up
      • IP67 CERTIFIED water and dust proof connectors
      • FCC certified to ensure the system will not interfere with any other electronics on the vehicle. The system draws less than 5 amps when activated
      • 3M WIPER ARM FASTENING SYSTEM allows for an easy installation with no need to drill holes
      • DESIGNED & MANUFACTURED to O.E.M. standards