About Us

CRYSTAL CLEAR WIPER BLADES is located in Ontario Canada and is known for specializing in award winning products that keep commuters and fleets safe in the strongest, hardest winter conditions.

      • AUTOMATIC heated wiper blades detect when the vehicle is running in temperature below 5° C (41° F)
      • No switches required - the blades quickly heat up to 65° C (150° F)
      • HEATED BLADES prevents snow & ice build up on blade surface & windshield
      • BLADE EDGE always stays soft & wipes windshield clean, every time
      • HIGH QUALITY RUBBER with graphite coating adds extended life to blade
      • SUPERIOR CONSTRUCTION eliminate damage caused by freezing weather & ice build up
      • IP67 CERTIFIED water and dust proof connectors
      • FCC certified to ensure the system will not interfere with any other electronics on the vehicle. The system draws less than 5 amps when activated
      • 3M WIPER ARM FASTENING SYSTEM allows for an easy installation with no need to drill holes
      • DESIGNED & MANUFACTURED to O.E.M. standards