Keep Your Trucks and Fleet Vehicles Safe with Automatic Heated Wiper Blades

Whether your fleet is semi-trucks, school buses, public transportation or any other heavy duty vehicles, your drivers know how tough navigating the roads in extreme conditions can be. Between traveling long distances on high traffic roads and getting either people, or inventory, from point A to point B, the last thing your fleet drivers need to worry about is a windshield that won’t ever clear up.

Heated Blades for Semi-Trucks

Crystal Clear has developed heated wiper blades that will give your drivers some peace of mind when it comes to visibility. Sensors, which are purchased separately when the system is first installed, automatically detect when the heated wipers need to be turned on. The driver does not have to use any additional buttons or switches other than the regular wiper controls. Our heated wiper system for semi-trucks will increase both the drivers safety and allow them to focus on other variables on the road.

Safe Fleet Solutions for Public Transportation

No matter the size, every city relies on some form of public transportation, even more so during the colder months. In general, buses spend most of their time on city streets. So, not only do their wipers have to deal with precipitation coming from above, they also have to fight off snow and slush that is sprayed onto their windshields by other vehicles. Crystal Clear produces the best heated wiper blades, that will keep your fleet safe. They come equipped with a heating mechanism that prevents the build-up of ice on the blades, ensuring a clean sweep across the windshield every time. Your fleet drivers can be assured that no matter how bad the weather is, their wipers will operate reliably and effectively, providing the best solution to poor windshield visibility.

The Benefits of Heated Wipers for Your Fleet

When you look to Crystal Clear for a safer winter solution, you will quickly find our products exceed expectations and make a drivers job safer and easier. Some of the benefits of our heated wiper blades include:
  • An effective, safe product that comes on automatically
  • A reduction in the need to scrape ice and snow off the windshield
  • Automatic sensors that constantly monitor the temperature of the blades and windshield
  • No more worries about limited visibility
  • Affordable prices that enhance that smart technology of your fleet

Don’t Settle for Sub-Par, Invest in Your Safety

Here’s the bottom line – our heated wiper blades make it safer for semi truck and fleet drivers in wintery conditions, and they also make it safer for others sharing the roads. Icy, snowy conditions are one of the leading causes for accidents. Many of these can be prevented when visibility is improved. Because our heated blades work automatically, drivers can focus on driving, not trying to clear their windshield. If you own a trucking fleet, or just a single semi truck, our heated wiper blades are a must have. Once you see how well our Crystal Clear Heated Wiper Blades work, you’ll want to upgrade your entire vehicle inventory. For more information about our heated wiper blade solutions, contact Crystal Clear today.