Keeping commuters safe in the harshest weather conditions

Commuting in winter conditions can be a challenge. We cannot control Mother Nature or the winter storms she throws at us. Weather-related traffic congestion, icy roads and snowbanks are a normal part of winter life.

But we can control what we do to our vehicles to make them safer. We switch to winter tires before the first snow of the season, we top up our windshield washer fluid, and we make sure we have snow brushes and ice scrapers in the car.

Commuters can make their vehicles even safer with the help of Crystal Clear Blades revolutionary heated wiper blade technology. Every time you turn on your ignition, sensors will measure the temperature outside your car, and if below 5° C, the wiper blades will automatically heat up dissipating any ice or snow build-up. There are no extra buttons or switches other than your normal wiper controls.

Reduce the frustration of streaky windshields on snowy days

We’ve all experienced those days. You walk outside to your car, already late for work, and discover that your windshield is iced up. You scrape the ice off as best you can, and then hop into your car and drive even though you can’t really see. To make matters worse, the ice on your wiper blades prevents you from cleaning your windshield properly, and your attempts to improve your visibility instead result in distracting streaks right across your line of vision. Crystal Clear Blades work to solve this problem. The heated wiper blades have the effect of eliminating icy buildup on your wipers, so that when you try to clean your windshield, you get a clean swipe every time. With this system, you will not have to try and squint through lines of ice as you drive. Stop worrying about needing to pull over & shake your blades clean. You will have a clear view and greatly decrease your risk of being involved in a weather-related collision.