Defrost Your Windshield With Automatic Heater Wiper Blades

Saturday/20 October 2018

If your car window or windshield is frozen, it’s important to use proper defrosting techniques, otherwise you could damage the glass. In fact, obstructed visibility is one of the major causes of fatal accidents in the winter.
While there are a few ways you can defrost your frozen car windshield, they all require some manual work like putting on de-icing solutions and scraping the ice off in the freezing cold.
But thanks to technology, regular commuters and emergency service providers can stay much safer on the road by using Crystal Clear automatic heated wiper blades.
What are automatic heater wiper blades?
Crystal Clear developed the world’s first automatic heated wiper blades designed to endure extreme North American winters. If the temperature falls below 5° C, the wiper blades will automatically heat up and melt any ice or snow build-up. You don’t have to even press a button to turn on the system because its sensors measure the temperature outside your car.
The automatic wiper blades system is easy to install and only takes 15 minutes. The package comes with 2 wiper blades, a thermal control module, alcohol prep pad, wire ties, 3M tape, and terminal ring connectors of varying sizes.
Automatic heater wiper blades vs. traditional wiper blades
Traditional wiper blades have a lot of pockets where ice can build up which limits visibility while driving. When the automatic heater wiper blades were tested in the same freezing conditions as the traditional blades, there was no ice build-up and the window was kept clean. The automatic blades are made of high quality graphite coated rubber, which stays soft and heats up to 65° C.
Crystal Clear won the AAPEX Innovation award for their blades. With this technology, you don’t have to manually clear the windshield by yourself in the freezing cold. The windshield wiper blades can be used on different sized vehicles including cars, minivans, SUVs, trucks and even tractors.
Help for emergency service providers
Ambulances, police cars and fire trucks have to be very cautious when they’re rushing to help people in an emergency in normal driving conditions. Add heavy snow on top of that and it creates a very dangerous situation. Every minute counts and the last thing workers should worry about is removing frost on the windshield.
In harsh weather conditions, these workers are able to see perfectly within seconds of turning on their vehicles with the automatic heated wiper blades. The blades increase their chances of reaching an urgent situation in time.
Crystal Clear’s award-winning automatic heater blades help regular commuters and emergency service providers get clear visibility and save time in extreme weather conditions.