Emergencies happen in all weather conditions

In an ideal world, there would be no emergencies. And if there were, they would happen when help was just minutes away. But even in the most efficiently run communities, delays can happen. Ambulances and fire engines are not always able to speed down traffic-free streets in perfect weather conditions.

During winter conditions, the weather can cause all kinds of havoc. Not only can snow, ice, and freezing rain create the emergencies, it can also result in emergency services taking longer to get to where they are needed. In many cases, these delays are beyond our control: heavy snow, icy streets and weather-related collisions can all create delays for our emergency personnel.


Creating certainty in unpredictable conditions

Fortunately, thanks to Crystal Clear blades, not all effects of bad weather are beyond our control. Our automatic, heated wiper blades will ensure that no matter what is happening on the roads, your police officers, paramedics and firefighters will have a perfect line of sight through their windshields. The men and women who keep us safe should not be expected to risk their lives – or the lives of those they are trying to save – by trying to drive through poor weather conditions with limited visibility. With our revolutionary technology, they can be on their way safely – and able to see perfectly – within seconds of turning on their vehicles.

Quick to install, easy to use

The Crystal Clear system takes just fifteen minutes to install, so you will be able to keep your emergency responders on the road, where you need them. They will not have to worry about extra switches and buttons beyond the normal wiper controls. The jobs of police officers, firefighters and paramedics are among the most stressful. We seek to reduce their stress by creating driving conditions that are as safe and easy to use as possible. That way, they will be able to focus their energy on their most important tasks: saving lives and keeping the public safe in the event of fire, crime and medical emergencies.