Making Winter Driving in Canada Easier

Tuesday/23 October 2018

Driving in the winter can be scary, especially for newcomers who don’t have any experience driving in the snow. It’s easy to lose control of a car on icy roads, especially when your ability to see clearly is reduced when the snow piles up on your window. This happens a lot in some Canadian cities where temperatures can drop to 25°C.

Although using de-icing liquid solutions on your windshield and scraping the ice off helps, there is an easier way that takes out all of the manual work of standing outside in the cold and defrosting your window. Thanks to Crystal Clear, they developed the world’s first heated wiper blades that automatically heat up if the temperature falls below 5° C, melting any ice or snow build up on your windshield wipers.

Keeping a clear windshield is key to staying safe by maximizing visibility in heavy snow conditions. These advanced blades reduce risk for yourself and other drivers. Crystal Clear won the AAPEX Innovation award for their blades which can be used on different sized vehicles including cars, minivan, SUVs and trucks.

What is the difference between automatic heated wiper blades and traditional wiper blades?

Crystal Clear did many tests on both traditional wiper blades and their automatic heated wiper blades in freezing conditions and the results were very different between the two.

Traditional wiper blades have a lot of pockets where ice can build up, limiting visibility while driving. When the automatic heated wiper blades were tested in the same conditions, there was no ice build-up and the window was kept clean. The blades are made of high quality rubber and stay soft.

The automatic heated wiper blade system comes with 2 wiper blades, a thermal control module, alcohol prep pad, wire ties, 3M tape, and several different sizes of terminal ring connectors.

Benefits of automatic heated wiper blades for new winter drivers

There are other reasons why the features of these blades are great for winter drivers:

  • No switches required: You can focus on driving and not worry about needing to turn on the heat on the blades because it will start up automatically. The blades can quickly heat up to 65° C.
  • Soft blade edge: Always stays soft even after it has been used a lot.
  • High quality rubber with graphite coating and superior construction – extends the life of the blade so you can use it over a longer period and will also eliminate damage caused by freezing and ice build up.
  • FCC certified: This ensures that the system doesn’t interfere with any other electronics on the vehicle.


Driving in the winter in Canada can be a scary experience for newcomers. Installing Crystal Clear’s automatic heated wiper blades on their car provides clear visibility by melting ice and snow build up. These blades significantly enhance your safety while driving in heavy snow because it keeps your window clean the whole time and saves you from stopping your vehicle to go outside to manually defrost or de-ice your windshield.