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Automatic Heated Wiper blade + Module System

Crystal clear automatic heated wiper blades* are the world’s first automatic heated wiper blades. Easy-to-use with no switches required, the complete system turns on by detecting when the vehicle is running and when it is cold outside. The wiper blades quickly heat up to 65ºC (150ºF), preventing snow and ice from building up on the surface of the blade, thus providing you with a clear view. The heated blades are also more pliable (soft) when it is cold out, which means it completely cleans your windshield when activated.


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Product Description

Winner of the Apex Innovation Award for the best new product of the year, this system extends blade life, eliminates the damage to blades caused by freezing temperatures and ice build up, and provides you with a clear view out your windshield.

If you have ever found yourself struggling to see due to accumulated ice and snow on your windshield, then there is no question that you could benefit from heated wiper blades. Our product is designed to help you drive safely and efficiently, regardless of where you need to go. No matter if you drive a commercial vehicle, bus, truck, car, or some other type of vehicle, you will find that heated wiper blades are a must when driving in cold, winter conditions.

Don’t settle for a sub-par copycat product when you can purchase the real-deal here. Some of the features of this product can be found here.

Features include:

1. High-quality compressed rubber blade – stays soft and wipes clean every time

2. Graphite coating – providing a non-streak, always clear swipe

3. Built in temperature sensors monitor the outdoor temperature, as well as the blade temperature

4. Installation in 15 minutes or less

5. Built in LED, which comes on when the vehicle is running.


With Thermal Blades, you can have automatic, smart-technology keep your windshield ice and snow free – automatically. No button to push or switch to flip for activation. Everything is automatic thanks to the built in temperature sensors. Learn more about what this unique technology does and how it works.

The Rise of Smart Technology for Your Vehicle

Today’s modern world is quickly moving to smart-technology. It is no surprise that there are now options and features you can add to your vehicle that are considered “smart components,” as well. While your vehicle likely already comes equipped with a tech-advanced infotainment center, there are other features and accessories you can add after market.

No More Getting Out of the Vehicle

The heated wiper blade thermal control module communicates with your vehicle to let it know when it is running. This module monitors the outside temperature and automatically turns the blades on when the temperature falls below 5° Celsius or 41° Fahrenheit.

This thermal control module also receives feedback from the built-in temperature sensors so the blades maintain a temperature ranging from 54° C (130° F) to 65° C (150° F). The system is completely automatic. There are no switches to use to activate the product, making it a truly “smart” accessory for your vehicle.

Ideal for Personal and Commercial Vehicles

Stop wasting time and making yourself late for work or an appointment because ice has begun to accumulate on your windshield. When you install this module, it will ensure your Thermal Blades are activated at the proper time to keep you moving.





• Blade quickly heats up to 150°F (65°C)

1. Install the CrystalClear Heated Wiper Blades to your wiper blade arm as per section “A” in the instruction manual. 


2. Find a suitable mounting location for your Module away from any moving or extremely hot components such as a exhaust manifold. Recommended location for the Module is on the vehicle’s battery side mounted high on the firewall. Connect the positive (red) wire from the CONTROL MODULE to the positive (+) terminal of the vehicle battery. Connect the negative (black) wire from the CONTROL MODULE to the negative  (-) terminal of the vehicle battery.


3. Secure the CONTROL MODULE under the vehicle hood using the supplied 3 M Adhesive Velcro pads. Do not apply Velcro pad in freezing temperatures as it may affect the initial adhesion. Thoroughly clean the mounting surface on the vehicle with the provided alcohol cleaning pads. Firmly press the Velcro pad on the cleaned mounting surface for 10-20 seconds. Route the module wire up to the wiper blade arm under the hood.


4. Secure the wiper blade cables under the wiper blade arms using the supplied 3M Tape. Allow some wire slack when securing the wiper blade wire under the wiper blade arm, this will ensure a clean swipe on your windshield and prevent the wiper blade from pulling away from your windshield.  Connect the wiper blade  cables from the heated wiper blades to the module wire at the wiper blade arm connection. Ensure the wiper blade cables are secure and away from any of the vehicle’s moving or heated parts


5. Please note when the vehicle is running the wiper lights will automatically illuminate. However, the wiper will not heat until the ambient temperature is below 5 C or 41 F.


Congratulations, your installation is now complete!

Enjoy your Crystal Clear safe winter!