ICE & SNOW MELTS AWAY IN MINUTES. Prevents build up on blades surface.

CRYSTAL CLEAR Heated Wiper Blade System is the world’s first automatic heated wiper blades. Easy to use with NO SWITCH REQUIRED, the system automatically turns on when it detects the vehicle is running in the outside temperature of 5°C (41°F) or colder. 

It is the only automatic heated wiper blade system designed using OEM Standards. Built with components from tier one manufacturers like Backer, Molex and 3M. The high quality blades are constructed to feature compressed rubber squeegees with graphite coating, providing a non-streaking swipe for safe, CRYSTAL CLEAR vision!

Car Wiper Blade
Automatic Heated Wiper Blade System
  • Automatic System

    Control Module connects directly to the battery ports - no switches required. 

  • High Quality Construction

    The Heavy Duty I-Beam Blade has a high quality replaceable rubber squeegee with a graphite coating. Some components are manufactured by tier one suppliers like Backer, Molex and 3M. 

  • Design & Manufacturing

    Designed to O.E.M. standards.  Using smart design decisions like putting the temperature sensor in the blades themselves to measure for the most accurate windshield temperature. 

  • Certification

    P67 Certified water and dust-proof connections. FCC Certifed ensures the system will not interfere with any electronics in or on the vehicle.

Installation Video

The Crystal Clear System can be quickly installed by following the below steps! Adjust the placement of the module to suit your vehicle make and module. If you have any additional questions on installation please contact us at 1.866.793.7874. We have an on-site mechanic who is available Monday - Friday during business hours. If you are purchasing for a commercial vehicle visit our Vimeo (link: 


I put a set of Crystal Clear Wiper on my personal vehicle at the beginning of last winter and the difference it made for my visibility and safety is incredible. Based on my experience Urbacon has decided to install them on their fleet of vehicles throughout the Country. This will help to keep our drivers safe!

Customers For Life, our company started testing the Crystal Clear Blades over a year ago. It was unbelievable success and we have seen spotless windshield in ice, snow, and rain storms. A perfect example was two weeks ago watching several people on the highway pulled over and leaning out smacking their wiper blades just to try and see. It was incredibly dangerous. Meanwhile my blades were Crystal Clear. What a great way to offer a safety product to my employees! Once you have a set of these wiper blades you will never be without. Snow tires are a must, so should be the Crystal Clear Heated Wiper Blades. 

I’ve had the Wipers for over a year and am extremely happy with their performance. It was very easy to have them installed at my local Mechanic. I’ve noticed a big improvement not only in the winter months but all four seasons.

Finally, a product designed for our crazy winter weather! I am the Insurance Broker and purchased the blades for all of my family vehicles; my Wife and Daughter haven’t stopped thanking me. I was so impressed with the performance of the blades I handed them out to all my Commercial Trucking Clients for them to try! They have been so pleased with the results. These heated wiper blades are truly fantastic and will result in improving road safety. Everyone can and should install them!

When it comes to winter wiper blades, we overlooked the critical required investment and more often falter cost over quality.  Not all winter wiper blades are made equal, design and great quality is what you will find with Crystal Clear Blades. During harsh winter weather, these wiper blades provide a clear view of the road providing crucial aid for safe driving.   Traditional blades are magnets for frost, ice and snow and with Crystal Clear blades, you will have no more scraping of ice.  We are extremely happy that we did not compromise safety over cost. 

The Melrose Paving Snow Fleet works in extreme winter weather. We have installed crystal clear blades on a small portion of our fleet. Our drivers and our shop foreman love them. We look forward to continue working with Crystal Clear to convert our entire fleet. THEY REALLY WORK!