Benefits of Heated Wiper Blades
Benefits of Heated Wiper Blades

Benefits of Heated Wiper Blades

Winter is a gorgeous season – but with unexpected weather conditions and driving conditions at their worst it can be a pain to drive in. Fortunately, there's a better alternative for adding additional safety during these hard winter months with our heated wiper blades. You make sure that your tires are winterize why not have concerns about your winter vision. Read on to learn about the top benefits of heated windshield wiper blades and how you can make your life easier this winter.

Top 4 Benefits of Heated Wiper Blades

1. Winter and Rain Visibility

Rain is one thing for windshield wipers, but snow and ice rain is a much more difficult challenge. For one thing, ice has a way of freezing your wipers can't even use them; and for another, the snow that cakes onto your windshield overnight is too heavy for ordinary windshield wipers to move properly.

Heated wiper blades have a solution for both of these problems. Because the wiper blades are heated, any ice that has frozen your wipers is easily melted. Have a clear view with our innovative product.

2. Blade Flexibility

Chattering and ice build-up can cause very poor visibility. But with this product your blades stay heated melting of any ice build-up and better yet keeps your blades warm for maximum blade flexibly giving you an even and clean swipe of your blade on the windshield.


3. No More Fog

Another aspect of winter driving is the condensation with the fog inside your car - which also interferes with your visibility. The fog that gathers on your windshield is a result of conflicting ambient temperatures between the cold outside and the work your defroster or heater is doing to try to keep your wipers from freezing and chattering. Using heated windshield wipers completely eliminates the need to overwork your heating unit.

4. Energy- and Time-Efficient

Rather than your heater or defroster using up your gas to keep your windshield clear, heated wipers are connected directly to your car's battery, which makes them more energy-efficient and eco-friendly. Heated windshield wipers are also more time-efficient since they heat up quickly and can clear ice or snow off your blades in 10 times faster than waiting for your defroster to penetrate through the windshield to the blades.

5. Automatic Settings

Heated blades are completely automatic they take the hassle out of predicting the weather. You don't even have to think about turning them on because these heated blades have an automatic on and off setting-based reading when the vehicle turn-on then reading the temperature sensors in the blades. If the temperature outside is 5 degrees Celsius/41 degrees Fahrenheit or colder they will automatically turn-on.

The entire purpose of a windshield wiper is to make sure you have the best possible visibility so you can see the road and drive safely. Whether you're using heated wiper blades on your personal car or for your fleet, there are several reasons why these windshield wipers are a winter-proof investment you need to be making now. From increasing your winter visibility to being more energy-efficient for your car, Crystal Clear's heated windshield wiper blades are your solution for hassle-free winter driving. Visit our home page at Crystal Clear's website to learn more!