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Making your Fleet Vehicles Safer

fleet composed of semi-trucks, school buses, public transportation, heavy-duty vehicles, pickups help the drivers navigating in extreme conditions. Don't travel on the roads for long distances or busy highway without Crystal Clear Safety
Whether your fleet is composed by semi-trucks, school buses, public transportation or any other heavy-duty vehicles, your drivers know just how difficult navigating the roads in extreme conditions can be. Between travelling long distances on busy highways and getting people and inventory from point A to point B the last thing your fleet drivers need to worry about is visibility. 

How to Winterize Your Vehicle

how to prepare for winter with maintenance checklist to winterize your fleet, car, vehicle, diesel truck, semi truck
How to Winterize Your Car or Truck this winter season is important! Vehicle maintenance is an important routine leading up to the colder weather months. Whether you’re a fleet owner, car dealer or commuter, preparing your vehicle for winter is key to ensuring you’ll be able to navigate the roads safely. Following a few simple steps, and upgrading things like windshield wipers can help keep you, and those around you, safe on the roads.